Lynn Hardaker

                                            Lynn Hardaker

Born in 1969 in Toronto, Canada, Lynn now lives in Regensburg, Germany.

She works in a variety of media: oil paint, pigments, and cold wax, collage and assemblage,
and encaustic.

For the past few years, her works have been directly inspired by visits to the seas and moors
of England and Ireland. During these visits, she spends her time walking, sketching, taking
photographs and notes, beach combing, and reading poetry, stories, and legends of the area.

Lynn's technique varies depending upon which medium she's using. For oil paint on canvas or
paper, she uses brushes and palette knives for a delicate affect. Her oil paint, pigment, and
cold wax works on wood panel require tools such as scrapers, brayers, and bamboo skewers
to mimic the affect of the forces of nature upon boulders and cliff faces. For her collage,
assemlage, and encaustic works she takes a far more precise (and clean!) approach often
incorporating items she's collected on her travels.

Her latest series is inspired by a recent visit to the North Yorkshire village of Staithes on the
North Sea and includes works in each of her favoured media.

Lynn's most recent solo exhibit, in August 2017 in Regensburg's historic "Kreuzsaal",
featured the series "Staithes" and other select works. 

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